The birthplace of modern design. The Bauhaus was founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by architect Walter Gropius. Literally translated as “building house,” the Bauhaus style was born out of the challenge of designing basic necessities like buildings, tables, and chairs, with the core idea that form follows function.
In 1925 the school moved to the industrial city of Dessau, where its ideal of creating a new unity of crafts, art, and technology flourished. Many now-iconic designers called the Bauhaus home, and their legacy of industrial design and functional yet striking typography lives on today.
Various Versions | Work in Progress
I started by typing out several letters using the font “Joschmi provided by Adobe (Based on hand-drawn letter-forms in the Bauhaus school archive) designed by Joost Schmidt, recreated by Flavia Zimbardi, then applying the 3D effect in Illustrator. Once I achieved this shape…I just continued playing with color and texture. I have included my mood board and various versions created during my process.
Bauhaus Mood Board
Color palettes | Shapes | Contrast
Final Bauhaus Contest Poster