— Curator & Co-founder |
— Graphic Designer & Illustrator
— Heritage Type Ambassador
— Visual Artist

From her loft studio overlooking the Wind River Mountains, visual artist, and DejaBlue Co-founder Kim Rene’ Draper explores a wide range of creative endeavors as both a digital and traditional artist. Kim is a self-driven, highly motivated artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. She specializes in creative illustrations, graphic design with an artistic edge, packaging, and textile design.
As a seasoned professional with over 2 decades of experience in the design industry, she has had the opportunity to contribute her passion and skills to a wide variety of interesting and unique projects, working both on her own and as part of a design team. 
Her professional experience in the advertising and marketing industry has allowed her to hone her skills in corporate branding, marketing, and publication design. Customers come to see Kim Rene’ with a vague idea of what they want, then rely on her expertise and skill to transform their ideas into a product that will enable them to get noticed by their target market. 
When she is not creating in her studio loft, working with clients, or interacting with the community, she enjoys spending time outdoors; always with her sketchbook in hand and the desire to capture the natural beauty of the world around her.